Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Broken Promises of Kimkins

First of all, you should be VERY wary of any diet that markets itself by using fake pictures. If there are real successes, then there should be no problem coming up with real pictures. However, the Kimkins diet has used pictures that are obviously either altered, stolen, just outright unrealistic, or perhaps shown in reverse (current/before, rather than before/after). Some of the photos are of two different people, two different ethnicities, two different ages/time periods, etc. The discrepancies are so blatant that its laughable that anyone fell for it. In most of the pictures, the amount of weight loss is questionable when there's little to no difference from one pic to the next.

Judge for yourself! These are but a few of the amazing transformations that the Kimkins diet promises YOU can have!

Wow, Lynda, we have got to have your secret for losing all of that weight AND changing your skin complexion!

This one takes the cake - Jackie turned into a Dutch supermodel - look her up, it's Louise Vyent!

This one was really interesting because I'd bet money that Roz's Before pic is her MOM!

Oh, come on! I will eat my hat if Catherine's Before picture was taken anytime AFTER 1972!!!

Um, Nikki, I don't know how to break this to you but, I think Kimkins has stripped away some of your genetic makeup!

Okay, now you're just insulting our intelligence!

These are the ones Kimmer didn't want you to see - that is, after too many people complained about how FAKE they were!

I should note that whenever Kimmer was made aware of the blatant fake photos on her site, she tends to take them down and claim that she suddenly realized she didn't have model releases for them (a likely story!)

If anyone recognizes these photos and can vouch for them, feel free to comment!

Heard about Kimkins?

I'm sure you have! The hot new fad diet that promises super fast practically overnight weight loss, in amounts as large as 15 pounds in one week? The diet that promises NO exercise, NO pills, NO special foods?

Here's what those enticing ads don't tell you - there's no exercise because you'll be so fatigued from lack of energy that you can barely walk anyway. There's no pills or foods - wait, there's NO foods anyway! And that mega-fast weight loss? That's called muscle, baby - and your body NEEDS it to survive. The Kimkins diet is more than just another extreme low calorie diet hitting the internet, it takes the danger even further by removing carbs, fat, AND calories from your diet, so of course you'll lose weight - your body is literally eating itself in an effort survive!