Thursday, October 4, 2007

No love for LowCarbFriends!

Now that all of the fake success stories have been discovered and confirmed by scores of people across the internet, I see everyone at LowCarbFriends (which I refuse to link) is all abuzz with the information. But I can't help but grumble over the fact that all of this could have been stopped over a year ago when myself and others tried to discuss Kimkins' fake Success Stories photos - and LCF admins promptly shut us up by deleting our threads!!! I remember one thread I put up asking innocently, "do these pictures just not look right to anyone else?" and it was gone within minutes. After that, everything I put up was SANITIZED by the admins, meaning, they EDITED my posts and took out anything I said that referred to Kimmer. And of course, their idiotic policy is to not allow you to discuss their actions on the board, so if you questioned it, they'd delete that too. That's when I closed my account there and vowed never to return. It's so ironic that NOW they decide its okay to slam Kimkins.

Think about all of the people that could have been saved from Kimmer, had LCF not gone through so much trouble to protect her. I hold them just as responsible for this fiasco as Kimmer. And this was BEFORE the WW cover, so had they allowed people to even question the legitimacy of her diet and her website, thousands of people could have been warned and who knows, maybe she would have even gotten the cover and we wouldn't be here now. But they protected her and HID all evidence against her. They didn't care that she was a fraud, had no medical background, and no proof of her claims, they just didn't want anyone to speak ill of her. Why is that??? What was the connection between Tom and Heidi? What agreement did she default on that caused him to go up against her?

You really have to wonder WHY. Were they sharing profits? Hoping to share profits? Did Kimmer turn them down for advertising revenue and it pissed off Tom so he decided to turn against her? Something definitely happened and we'll probably never know the truth, but LCF is just as guilty and dirty in this as Heidi is. And we all know it.

Luckily, ALC is an awesome balanced message board without Gestapo admin censoring our every word, so people who wanted integrity and freedom went there - and found it was refreshing and FAIR. I so appreciate the management and administration THERE and that's where I encourage people to go, as well as any of the other LC boards in my sidebar. Anywhere BUT LCF, because when this is over, they'll still be censoring your speech, and who needs that?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sweet Validation!

Validation is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

WATCH Kimkins on LIVE Television!.

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(Links copied from - forgive me, Ducky, I couldn't wait to get off work to post this so I borrowed yours! :) And thanks!)

What a way to wake up! An actual LIVE video of the infamous Heidi Diaz, who we know as Kimmer, and her VOICE, on film. She couldn't seem to put together the $32 to purchase a web camera of her own, so Chip Yost of station KTLA in Los Angeles, decided to help her out and put her on camera. How amazing was it that this was the same woman in the Slamboard surveillance photos (that people claimed was a "paid" actress), and the same voice from the Jimmy Moore podcasts, also the same voice confirmed by Christin that she heard on the telephone? Does Kimmer still want to claim that she and Heidi are two different people? Seriously, at this point, does ANYONE still believe her? SingingAss? Tipsy? Is she still your hero? Or do you need that little bit of money from her THAT bad that you'll continue to sell your soul to do her bidding?

I encourage all AntiKimkins bloggers and website owners to post the link to the broadcast, let's help it spread across the internet like wildfire! Send the link to your local news stations, newspapers, radio stations, everyone you can think of that might want to pick up the baton and carry on this story. Chip has done a wonderful job here and we are so grateful and thankful that someone finally recognized the need for justice here. I'd like to see more in depth investigations done now - we really want to know WHO is Heidi Diaz? Her family claims she has a history of committing similar scams and that she has done jail time - can we get mug shots? Can we find out exactly what her criminal record consists of?

Keep sending complaints to Paypal - send them the link to the video also! They need to know that this woman is committing a crime and using their services to facilitate it. We want them to freeze her account so that what's left can be used to refund all of her victims! She's probably trying to spend as much of it as possible but that's okay, that's just more stuff for the Sheriff to auction when they show up to collect on the judgements!

I also found it interesting that the PI reports that Brandon's friends meet him down the street - as I have always firmly believed that he is deeply involved in his mother's fraud. There's no way he can live there, know she has no job and no money, but she pops up with new cars, offers to pay him to work on her website, yet he has no clue? Please. I believe he has been helping her with it since Catherine left, and he is possibly the one who doctored the Success Stories photos since he fancies himself a Photoshop expert. Why else would he not allow his friends near the apartment? Since he was made aware of her fraud, why hasn't he attempted to defend her? In all of his responses, he never once uttered any word of defense or confirmation that his mother was indeed the woman in the red dress - or any of the other photos she's displayed. Anyway, I'm not interested in prosecuting him because he has a wildebeest for mom and I'm sure he's afraid of her, and I believe the law protects him from having to testify against her once this goes to court, but I just wanted to put out there that I don't believe for one minute that he's unaware. At any rate, he'll certainly be aware when she's being led away in handcuffs!

To all of the people who thought we were just jealous haters (lol), trust that no one is jealous of Heidi Diaz now! Her life is about to become sheer hell, and you know what, she deserves it. I wish I had the beautiful, spiritual heart that Christin, Deni and Becky have, as they continue to urge people to pray for her and understanding. Sorry, I'll pray for her victims, but I just want to see her go DOWN in flames! No, second thought, I will pray for Heidi - I'll pray that her cellmate in prison is bigger and meaner than she is - and I hope she takes a special liking to Heidi!

For details on the stakeout by Robert Charlton, the Private Investigator who blessed us with the revealing pictures, please go to his blog and read about his time spent watching Heidi Kimberly Diaz.
Stay tuned, guys, its not over. There's so much more to come!

UPDATE: The television clip is now on YouTube! Please, everyone, go there and watch it again! And again! And again!! Even if you've already seen it, watch it again, and here's why: the top watched videos on YouTube get high ranking and even end up on their front page, meaning MORE people will see it when they come to the YouTube site. People who have no idea who Kimmer or Heidi is, and know nothing about Kimkins, but they will see this video if we push up the rankings! Not only that, news stations are always featuring the wildest videos on YouTube - shows like Best Week Ever and a few others specialize in this. So let's get this video LOTS of views so it will help spread all over the world! Maybe someone will come forward with some more startling Heidi/Kimmer news!