Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogging Tips for the Revolution!

It does my heart good to see so many anti-kimkins bloggers! I swear, we need our own social network!

I wanted to drop some tips about promoting your blog and helping it get as much exposure as possible. I'm no expert but I know a little something about a little something.

Every time you update, make sure to "ping" the services that notify the collective sites that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By doing this, you are letting them know that your blog has been updated and they will crawl and index your blog, publishing the new entries, which help to increase your blog's popularity. Two that I use are Pingoat and >Pingomatic, but they have a lot of the same services and you don't want to ping too much or you may be seen as spam and get blocked - so I would suggest using one or the other, or if one is down, use the other, etc. Or, if you have the time, compare their services and set them up appropriately. I've just never had the time to do this!

Use sites such as digg, StumbleUpon, and Technorati to vote on your own posts. Create an account there and it will only take a couple of clicks each time to vote. Then do a search for other anti-Kimkins items and vote on them also! In fact, again, if you have the time, whenever you find a new anti-kimkins entry, digg it, Stumble it, or Technorati fave it. If we make it a habit to do this often, it will help keep us all at the top of the pile (and pro-Kimkins at the bottom!).

Use FREE site submission tools to submit your blog to the search engines. You will have to confirm and accept many of them in your email, so be prepared for about 30 or more confirmation emails at once but just follow the directions and it will only take a few minutes to get the submission rolling. I use the one I get for free with my web hosting package (for other sites) - if you have other web hosting services, check and see if it offers this in your control panel. Or do a search for FREE site submission services and you'll find many. Remember, you want the FREE one, not the upgraded or advanced packages! I have also used SubmitExpress in the past and it was great.

Most of the blog directories want your blog to be at least 30 days old before it will accept them, and some even require 90 days. But there are many that don't have such a requirement, so you could go down this list of directories at WAHM and submit your link wherever possible.

Comment in other anti-Kimkins blogs such as (this one), KimkinsExposed, KimkinsDangers, KimkinsControversy, all of those in the Blog Rolls of each of the blogs, etc. That helps to spread your link and increase your recognition. There's many of us and our numbers are growing, but try to make it a point to drop a line or two as you read, and leave your link in your comment.

If you have some html knowledge and know how to edit your metatags, add the appropriate keywords to that section to help your search engine rankings. Pssst! This is what Kimmer is using for her Kimkins site:

meta name="description" content="The Kimkins lean low carb plan is simple -- less fat than Atkins, less carbs than South Beach and faster weight loss than Weight Watchers!"

meta name="keywords" content="loose weight,diets to loose weight,loose weight quickly,how to loose weight,loose weight fast,to loose weight,loosing weight,weight gain diets,weight gain tips,weight gaining diets,pregnancy weight gain,healthy weight gain,fast weight gain,fat weight,weight lost,food weight,dieting weight,quick weight,la weight lost,body fat weight,over weight,gaining weight,weight,weight control,healthy weight,weight idiots,diets to gain weight,reduce weight,loose pounds,diets,fat diets,lose 10 pounds,fat loss diets,appetite suppressant,lose 10 pounds fast,ketosis,domino effect, kimmer experiment,OAMC,boot camp,camp kimkins,starvation mode,metabolism"

I suggest using THOSE exactly and adding all of the anti-kimkins words in there too, along with diet fraud, scandal, Heidi Diaz, Kimmer, etc. Whatever else you can think of that an unsuspecting web searcher might type into a search engine. We want them to come to US, not HER!

Post often! Search engines like fresh content. If you never update your site and let weeks and months go by, you'll slowly drop in the rankings. No need to post everyday - unless you want to, but 2-3x weekly or at least weekly would be best. Even bi-weekly is better than monthly or not at all. If you have nothing new to post, then post highlights of what the OTHER anti-Kimkins blogs are talking about. There will ALWAYS be some fresh material between the group of us all! Give a summary of new developments, a reminder of what people can do to help, or give a shoutout to new bloggers, link to the new posts so all of your readers can follow along.

That's all I can think of right now - please comment if you can think of something else we can do to help keep us on top!


mariasol said...

Thanks for the tips! Very useful for a brand new blogger as myself. Actually, I came up on this post when I was checking out the links on my blog as I finally figured out how to put them in the sidebar :)

Medusa said...

Great information! I'll be pinging and "faving" all night.

ThinGin said...

If Hide-y is spelling her metatags that way, she's not getting all the hits she could. I'd recommend mis-spelling as she did, then spelling them correctly as well.

loose - rhymes with goose
lose - rhymes with booze.

Thanks for the blogging tutorial

Medusa said...

Hi again,

Well, I've spent half the night listing 43 of my favourite anti-Kimkins blogs on Technorati, and added all of Kimmer's tags to my blog (via Technorati, as well).

Would you please add my blog to your list? It's Medusa and the URL is

Medusa (aka Belladonna)

HoneyBee said...

Thanks so much for the blog tips and I have started my blog now as well.
Would you add me as as part of your blogroll
Thank you

Laura said...

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OhYeahBabe said...

Great post, thanks! My blog is Kimorexia.

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Avenue Girl said...

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