Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If Woman's World won't come to the mountain...

...we will bring the mountain to Woman's World! I was thinking, if Woman's World refuses to issue an official statement or retraction of their Kimkins story, and admit that they did not research the diet, did not meet with Heidi Diaz in person, and that they themselves were scammed - we should take the story to their competitors. Think about it, I'm sure their competitors would love to see them go down in flames over this story - that's millions of dollars in reader and advertising sales that the OTHER magazines could swipe because Woman's World is proving themselves to be without ethics, promoting not only unhealthy but fraudulent diets without any fact checking.

I don't know if the other magazines are even following the story right now, but it's worth a shot to bring it to their attention! I suggest we all send letters to the following health and fitness magazines:

Body and Soul

These are all that come to mind immediately, but I'm sure there are more! Give me your thoughts as I compile the list.

Matter of fact, why not cover ALL of the top women's magazines, since this is topic that those magazines do report on. Even Redbook and Glamour dedicate sections to diet and health - I'm sure they would appreciate an opportunity to enlighten their readers on this scandal and warn them about it.

We should also send them the list of blogs and websites so they can follow along with the story. Make ALL of the magazine industry aware of this story, and ask them what would they do if they suddenly had 1,000,000 extra readers?

We've been fair with WW and given them time to step forward, admit their mistake, and help make this right. They obviously don't care because they've already got everyone's $1.99, what happens to you AFTER you follow their dangerous suggestions based on a fraudulent liar - well, that's YOUR problem!

I'll start collecting contact information for all of the magazines I can think of, and follow up with that information soon. If you have anything to add, please feel free to leave it here!

BTW, there are a few important Kimkins domain names up for auction, like nofasterdiet.com, mykimkins.com, kimmerwear.com - a smart competitor would do well to snatch these up and redirect them to their own site! Hurry and get them before Heidi does! We need every possible sign pointing in the RIGHT direction, and not leading to KimkinsHell. It would be great if some poor, unsuspecting dieter was trying to go to Kimkins, and ended up at Atkins, Weight Watchers, or ANYWHERE else but there!

I also wanted to mention that you don't have to be a Kimkins member, or former member, to sign the petition! ANYONE and EVERYONE can sign to show that they care and want this dangerous diet plan to be STOPPED. It doesn't matter that you've never done the diet yourself, sign the petition to help stop her before someone you know is harmed or scammed by her. It could be your mother, your sister, your own child - by signing this petition, you help guarantee that this comes to a quick end.

Show your support, sign the petition TODAY! We are growing! Thank you to all who have participated in this very important mission!



Kelly said...

good idea! I signed the petition, and I was a member at Kimkins, but as of today I have been offically banned. I was scared for a member there who just lost 7 lbs of muscle mass and PMd her to let her know that was probably due to the dangers of keeping her cals and fat so low and exercising so much (she does 2 hrs/day!)and advised her to read DANDR. Guess that did it.....

Not a Chance! said...

Kelly, you probably PM'ed Kimmer herself, acting as one of the sockpuppets in there!

Sorry to hear you were banned. Don't forget to write a review at the BBB and then submit a complaint and request a refund!

Jimmy Moore said...

Now she’s encouraging her members to create a blog to drum up support:

This just came in my e-mail box today:


To generate additional income as an affiliate, you can create a blog.

A “Blog”, short for weblog or web log, is an online diary or journal that is published on the Web for everyone to read. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and one who keeps a blog is a “blogger.”

Most blogs are updated daily using software that allows one with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.

The subject of your blog is endless. You may want to write about your daily life, sports, dating, retirement or talk about your favorite foods or recipes. The subject is completely up to you.

Placing Kimkins banners or text ads on your blog is an effortless way to build extra sales. Eventually you will build a readership (and maybe make some new friends along the way!)

There are numerous websites on the Internet where a blog can be created. Some you pay for and some are free!

Some affiliates are marketing through offline methods and have asked about getting a blog. Look for our next e-mail that explains how simple it can be to set up your own free blog.

THANKS for your continued hard work on behalf of Kimkins! We’re amazed at your creativity!


Vanessa Sharp
Affiliate Manager

klynnega said...

Thank you so much for not sitting back and quietly disappearing into the night.
Without your honesty and truth and that of Deni, Christin and now Sydney, I
would probably would not have spoken out and been banned as I was today. The
fall-out from her so called e-book (a one page email promoting the diet) is
starting already and I think there is going to be a ripple effect that is going
to shock everyone. I only hope the IRS gets her before she disappears, which
would not surprise me now. I was always so inspired by you and the other
admins but I started to doubt the diet soon after joining. Oh to go back and
delete the 'pay now' button from my paypal account. After you left I knew that
my red flags were right, she was a scam and a fraud and was/is putting thousands
of women's health in danger. I was only on the diet for a couple of weeks (I've
since gone back to WW combined with healthy low carb and am happily losing)and
after feeling lethargic and dizzy I stopped. But I was
amazed at the 'carb fear' that I was feeling. I really had to nip that in the bud quickly. I was so
alarmed at the amount of health problems that people were having and yet didn't
care. If the scale went down, that's all that mattered. This is frightening.
How many are going to have kidney/liver/heart damage in the future? More than
anyone cares to admit I would guess.
Anyway, I love reading your blog and just wanted to say thank you for your
strength to stand up in the midst of so many who were trying to push you down.
Warmly, Karen

OhYeahBabe said...

Great post, thanks! Say no to Kimkins!!

Stop the fraud! If you were a member of Kimkins, join the Kimkins diet lawsuit! Here is how to join the Kimkins lawsuit. It's easy!