Monday, September 17, 2007

Updated Media Contacts

Media Assault
I'm back with the contact information for the other magazines I mentioned here. They are most likely already following the story - or at least discussing it in the break room during coffee breaks! Who isn't? You can't miss it, whether you're a Kimkins member, low carb dieter, or just someone who uses the internet to send emails to family and friends - you've probably heard about the Kimkins scandal. The fact that its so widespread is precisely why we need to keep up all of our efforts to get this stopped - to get HEIDI DIAZ stopped, before something truly tragic happens.

As I said before, I think we should write to Woman's World's competitor magazines and let them know that we'd like to see them do a story or editorial on the Kimkins diet scandal, so that more innocent people will be saved from this and so that Woman's World will feel the pressure to do what's right - issue a strong retraction of their previous support of this fraudulent diet. When you contact them, just ask them to do a Google search on Kimkins, or provide them the link to a few of the immensely thorough and high ranking anti-Kimkins blogs - there's many of them!

These are the magazines that came to mind, but please comment and let me know if you think of others:

Fitness Magazine, Lee Slattery, Publisher,

Self, contact form on site: Contact Us

Shape, contact form on site: Contact Us

Health, contact form on site:
Prevention, , or contact form on site: Contact Us

I wanted to contact Body and Soul, which is Martha Stewart's magazine, since they do deal with health and diet concerns, but their website is SO slow, and there was no clear contact to get directly to the editor. So if anyone has a subscription and can find a better direct contact, please let me know.

Consumer Reports Consumer Web Watch

I don't think this one has been mentioned before - its from Consumer Reports, which is of course a very trusted and reputable consumer protection organization. They have a web component for fraud and complaints involving online businesses, its called, and I definitely think that EVERYBODY should break down their doors filing complaints! Maybe Consumer Reports will do an article on this!

Petition for Kimkins Investigation
Have you signed the Petition yet? It's not too late! 394 and growing! Will we hit 500? Better yet, will we hit 40,000? We should, since that's the reported number of alleged Kimkins clients!

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OhYeahBabe said...

Great list. Great post, thanks! Say no to Kimkins!!

Stop the fraud! If you were a member of Kimkins, join the Kimkins diet lawsuit! Here is how to join the Kimkins lawsuit. It's easy!